How To Pack Your Fragile Items Without Breaking Them

Packing the most fragile item in your house or office is probably the hardest task to accomplish because you have to make it right or you’ll find it into pieces once it’s been transported to your new property. And even though we have hired the best interstate removalists for our moving, packing what is essential and fragile prior the day of moving should be given much care or it will leave you heartbroken after seeing your grandmother’s favorite vase, your mother’s collection of chinawares or your boss’ priceless glass trophy he received recently in pieces. If you are looking for a cheap remover this link will help you.

It’s truly heartbreaking to see your items get broken when you carelessly packed them for the moving. With this incident, we can say that we learned our lesson well that we should take things more patiently – when packing them for moving. That is why, the next time we plan to move for a new flat, we have to prepare all the necessary tools and follow the simple tips below in how to pack fragile items without breaking them. 

• Advanced preparation is a must: before your interstate removalists in Sydney arrive, it is better to plan ahead which should be packed first. In the case of fragile items, packing these items takes some time and should not be rushed so you have to place them as your priority for packing.

• Prepare the necessary tools: These are boxes in different sizes, bubble wrap, packing papers, packing tapes, pliable cardboards and scissors. And when you’re going to pack things up, do it on a large, wide table.

• Packing the Plates: these items should be packed in a vertical position in boxes with sizes that is small to medium with crumpled papers placed at the bottom and top. Each plate should be wrapped neatly in a bubble wrap that is secured with a packing tape while a paper is placed in between. But make sure you don’t over pack the box.

• Packing the Glasses: the glasses are wrapped with paper with some crumpled paper inside to avoid any hollows. When placing them in small to medium boxes, there should be crumpled paper at the bottom and the heaviest should be underneath lightest before covering them again with crumpled paper.

• Picture Frames: this is packed in lined with crumpled paper in between that is standing not more than 8 inches on small to medium size boxes. While portraits that is over 3 feet in size should be secured with blankets and towels and should be moved separately.

• Antique items: When packing such items, it is important to consider their shape and size, as well as any decorative protruding parts which are at risk of getting broken in a single careless move. And when you pack them, wrap them in a bubble wrap and secure it with packing tape and cover entirely the item with a pliable cardboard and tape to ensure its safety. When placing it to boxes in a size that matches the item, don’t forget to fill the gaps with crumpled paper, seal it carefully with packing tape and label it with FRAGILE.